Vintage Stories, London by photographer Andreas Helland is a photo book celebrating vintage clothing, creativity and inspiring people in the streets of London. The book is published on a small independent publishing company called Byen Story, run by Andreas Helland.


Nina Ansten has designed, worked on the concept and facilitated for production of the book and the accompanying  promotional kit; including a website, invitations, flyers, product photography, promotional items for sales-pitches and stands, as well as contents for online presence. Andreas Helland himself has promoted the book on different arenas like book-fairs and festivals far and near, held talks and visited potential distributors.


We are proud that the book is now being sold in museum shops, and bookstores both nationally and abroad. Besides Europe the book is being sold in China, Lebanon and Russia. In Germany and the US it is now being distributed by Gingko Press Verlag, and in the UK and Ireland by Turnaround Publisher Service. We are happy to see the book travel the world, and hope the project inspires people everywhere to implement more colourful, creative and fine clothing in their daily lives.

The book is hardback, bound with a cloth covered spine. The design is inspired by fashion and tailoring, as well as the photographs presented. The title is embossed on the cover and silk screened on the spine, to emphasize tactility and craftsmanship. A high quality uncoated paper is used throughout the book. The pages are printed using offset UV-press technology on a Heidelberg Speedmaster UV press, to ensure excellent result on uncoated paper. The layout is set with photographs gravitating towards the outer margins, leaving generous space in the inner margins. This effect is empowering the photographers active use of 'negative space', as well as amplifying the documentary aspects of his photographs.

The website is designed to reflect the spirit, content and feel of the book. The site was not designed for online book sales, but rather created as a marketing tool; a storyteller offering rich and detailed information about the background and different aspects of the book and it's production. Aimed at bookstores, retailers, and others that could be interested in sharing the content or distribute the book. The website is fully responsive, and works well on both small and large surfaces. In addition to online presence, the site was designed to work as a presentation tool in sales pitches and talks.





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